Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Sign Board Celebration Team

It is a new excited year for Sydney cake House 

Signboard going up

Dear Sydney Cake House
congratulations that the new signboard is up today.
Although i am not downstair to witness the whole process , as i think mum is worried about...

Anyhow, sitting at my place listening to the ppl shouting : huat huat and , yat bun man lei , shi shi shun li, sang yi heng long and san tai kin hong - makes me feel better

And of course thanks to Racheal for sending all the photos and videos , so its kinda like life tele-casting , of course standing downstairs would be much better.

Hehe lucky me that i can still get the peanuts for huat ah , and the orange for "kat"
will try to upload some photos later on and i have to go know since my super hubby is here to pick me up :)

love all
mama bee

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Baby Diary 9/1/2013

It is a luxury today. Wandering why ?
because i nor only revive my blog , but also manage to write post in 2 times.

just to update on our beautiful baby.
Went to see my part time gynae , and manage to sort out some problems i am experiencing currently.
The numbness over half my head and over my extremities might be due to tension headache and low Hb.
Doctor suggestion : compliant to Obimin (will do my best)

Light headed is common in pregnancy , so was advice to be more cautious when changing from lying to standing or seating to standing.

Straining too much will also cause vasovagal syncope, so try to relax and dun be stress.
but this is not easy , i just started a sales project and really need to keep up the account.
My sales target has been set by my boss , and i really hope to exceed the amount.
but well pregnant mum should not be too worries right ?
but i am sure good baby will be with me , supporting me.

She starts to tickle me nowadays from inside ( as i am writing she is tickling me again, i think she know that i am talking about her) , i am wandering what position she can tickle me like this hehe..
doctor show us the scan , and currently i think she is facing all my intestines hehe , of course from the placenta.
Glad to know that she is safe and growing well inside.
Being a mother , a parent is not easy , this is what my mum and dad always say to me and now i understand what it is all about.
Just being pregnant i feel the responsibility that i need to eat healthily for baby , be extra cautious in everything because baby is with me.
The only thing i am still not doing is - EXERCISE!
Ish.. i really must do something to ease my labour in future , if not i am going to have problem.
Ok have to stop for the moment , mum is back.
Will keep you posted later on.
Take care and chiaoz :)
love mama bee

After 5 years...

Wow.. so fast time flies.

In such a wonderful afternoon , i have a time to attend to my blog.
It must be such a good day and good mood that i wanted to revive my blog.

It has been 5 years , since my last post , which means i was 5 years younger at that moment ??!
wow , i just cant think that time flies , so fast and i am so lucky that i remember my pw to enter my account.

So what happen within this 5 years?
well dont worry , i am not going to brag about what have happen , it will take me 7 days & 7 nights to finish all this story. .

My simple summary , currently happily married with a great caring , wonderful , patience and loving husband , and enjoying my pregnancy.
Of course , not to forget my very supportive family and in-laws :)
Just went to see Gynae and did a scan , saw the baby is moving around.
It is so good to see her inside me and its even better to know that at this moment i can carry her around and having all the privileges ( and of course with certain probs too , but well its all happy problem so no complain) .

Hmm. not sure who is going to read my blog , but i am still happy that i revive it today.
As i plan to continue my blogging of my new wonderful life :)
ok that is for all now.
take care and have a great day !
*although having food poisoning , diarrheoa , cramps and numbness,i am still thankful for having this beautiful baby *

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Merry Merry Christmas.... my heart is fill with love and Christmas feel... have been listening to christmas songs for 2 weeks d during working hours ehe.... lucky to have a computer that i can listen music from ....

So i am thinking what is my Christmas wish list : ......
or maybe what should i hope will come into my "christmas socks" this year ...

Actually its been so long since i make wishes again ....

(1) Hope all my loved ones will be healthy and happy ....
To be healthy you otta have good healthy habit , but once in a while breakthrough is
To be happy you need to be satisfy and thank God what you have .... and APPRECIATE ....

(2) Hope all my loved ones will be wealthy too.... haha chinese always think about SSS
Nope you are wrong not money this time... when we are healthy then we can put more
on our jobs , more focus and more idea , and then we can take care of our family too !!

(3) Hope that everything will be smooth in my life... if there will be problems , let them be solved in my calm and steady condition , with the God guidance and patience of everybody...

(4) Thank God for treating me so nice ... since i have know him :) ... i know that i have been
getting what i want .... thanks a lot ...

( ok my wish list is like my grammy award speech again ...)
actually there are many things that i wish for ... but i think human cannot be greedy ... so i better stop here...
Will continue again ...
Cheers baby !1

Thursday, December 11, 2008

11/12/2008 check it out...

Helloozzz…. Wuhuu…. Never knew that today I will have mood to write my blog ….

Today should be batik day actually , but seriously its not easy to move around in those clothes …. Because you need to take extra care for the cloth , not to scratch or tear it haha… that cloths sounds fragile right!

Anyhow just a bit of update about me… currently still in in-patient department , will be moving on to clinical next year (hopefully) and working load is fine … hehe its not a very busy hospital , but enough to keep me busy a whole day with counseling , screening and updating files and folders…

After work normally I go back home hehe.. which is only 3minutes away since I am staying near the hospital with Dr Tan , ok that is my housemate at the moment … but dunno when he will be leaving and then I will be so alone… At least for this moment his pet – Leo still can teman me J I like him although he like to bully me… (can u imagine , dog also like to bully people) He chooses my shoe to bite , chooses my floor mat to urinate on … haha you know maybe I got a very attractive smell that animals like….. hahah… I wander do this animals include human ??!!!

Anyway things are fine here , I am glad to have a break during week day and then go back for a busy weekend… you must be thinking did I type wrongly , …. Well no … because actually my weekend is more busier and also more hectic than my weekday life where after 5ppm is my rest or play time… but on weekend its like non-stop action .. shopping … teman families ( both side ) … pay bills ( that is the bad side of not using internet banking on every payment) … packing and unpacking haha… sounds a lot right !

Btw , I am not complaining, I am still enjoying this life…. Cant wait till Jude come over to Kuantan thou…
Cant wait that I can do locum…. License…. Damn mafan le… I really need the extra cash since I am traveling around like crazy … up and down Kl and Pekan … I know ppl outstation travel a lot , but they balance up with their income ,… me…. Out BIG in small…….. so a hole in my pocket…. “sam tong” sometimes… but who ask me not interested in taking bus anymore , but seriously after listening my maths you will know why I dun wanna take bus for the moment ….

Bus My Red Sporty Swift

Departure Kuantan Pekan

Duration 4hrs (reach puduraya) 3 hrs ( if driving ‘faster+gd weather)

Benefits Stop at rest area 30min 5min PRN basis

Tiredness Tired (believe or not slight tired (but happy to be home)

“mafan-ness” need frens and family nope (but good sleep is needed)
Members to fetch
from bus station

Arrival earliest 9.30pm earliest 7.30pm (take off petang :J)

So what do you think now ? Bus or Drive !!!

Anyhow its almost lunch time already, been busy meeting sales reps. And saving humapen … I dunno how patient use when they can spoil so easily and let their cucu main ??!!!@@@ seriously does that pen looks like a toy for your grand children ?? THINK TWICE !

Anyhow I need to go counsel patient d … will update when I have mood again ya J

Cheers… Christine

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

....just a note....

Hey .. frenz and relatives who are still visiting my blog sometimes, thanks for your support ... my chatterbox is still available from what i observe from my computer.. if you still cant see the chatterbox pls inform me again ya , thanks and i will keep this blog alive...
Btw do add me in Facebook too -
Take care and cheers!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

.......(Cant think of a title)....

Gosh , its another month and only updated once , means that my work is very busy ... haha not totally that reason , but i really have much things to update ...
actully what makes me feel like writing this blog again , is after i read my ex-school mate blog regarding "what is the goal in your life?"
That is a good question , when i first read... i really could not think that what is the goal in my life at this very moment... so many things that i want to do , but what does all this things lead to ?
I shall answer in the next blog upadte.. because time shortage here hehe..
take care mate !

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Months later....

(Gosh... i really do not how to start my very first sentence... , been stuck here for like 5 minutes , yet my mind is so blank , or maybe i should say that so many things to share but dunno how to put it out in words.... )

Welcome back to the world of Bloggingzzzz.......

First of all i need to inform all friends, relatives , and mates.... i am now CURRENTLY working in PEKAN !!! (if you are wandering where the XXXX is this place, haha go find a map now.... )

Ok to make life easier its 320KM away from KL and its 46 KM away from Kuantan... so have some idea whereabout now... LUCKY me........ to get such a place... to be serious i actually asked for that place... not that i didnt wanna go back to KL or selangor but its really not much of a choice for me...

But blessing in disguise, i met my senior SU KEAT .... a very very nice guy to say and also really still NICE to describe him lah .... he helped me found my quarters , work balance and also always encouraging me to take "cuti" haha good news right ??! (everyday also can cuti.... ) ... but "hao2 jing3 bu4 chang2 zai4" actually i am here to ganti him lah ... he has been working in district hospital for a year already , so its time to send him back to a place where civilisations exist... hehe .. so tomolo is his last day at hospital Pekan .... Sayonara Su KEat, you will be well missed among all staffs and docs ya.... Wish you a bright future in HTAA (aka Hospital Kuantan ) .....
(ok that much about my nice colleagues first ) now ...

With my room... in the Quarters of HOspital Pekan ...

WEll of course ... lucky enough to get a room in the HOspital , staying with a very nice doc also ... Dr Tan ... ( dun think i am crazy to call everyone nice ok ... there are really many reasons why i call them nice... ) my room ... hmmm if i am not wrong its about 9tiles X 10 tiles .. i hope i am not wrong about the size, its a small and cosy room ... need to try to make it as comfortable as possible.. going to be there for liek 4 days a week you know... (hope i can upload some photos 1 day ) !

The apartment actually have a small kitchen , a drying area , 3 bedrooms with 3 toilets , 1 maid room (GOV EVEN BUILT A MAID ROOM !!!!) , 2 living hall.... well the large living hall, the size is big enough for me to waltz around so imagine how big is it... but something wrong with the designer some how ... big living hall with small rooms.... (I wander what is he thinking when designing... the people going to sleep in the living hall or sleep in the bedroom??... hmmm ?!??!?!)

Anyhow i still can live with those sizes... i have many "small frens" visiting me often..i only styat there for like 6 nights i think there are... Liziards(varies sizes)... sPIEDERSSSSSS (with creative sizes and shapes... gosh it can be damn huge and malnourish in time... damn scary) then "xian2 qing1" a grasshopper that camouflage as a leaf and also some insect that camouflage as a tree bark.... gosh... actually its really SCARY!!!!!! i hope all these "small frens" will come less and less .. because you know everytiime i see them , i really feel like hiding , but i have no choice to kick them out of my room , or else... imagine ... these... things... creeping up... when I AM SLEEPING !!!!!! (pengsan.... )

Ok ... i gotta stop here for the moment need to go check out my mum for a while as she is not feeling well...
TAke care people!!
Check outzzz... Christine!